List some common questions below, any others questions, feel free to contact us.

  1. How to get a quotation ?

Send your PCB stand & Quantity & assembly requirement to this email:

2. What files to need for a quotation ?

Gerber files, Bom files, Pick & Place files, and PCB standard requirement / Testing Document

3. What Minimum package can you assembly ?

Normally, 0805, 0603, 0402; special: 0201 0105; surely BGA、QFN、PLCC is the basic

4. How to assembly the components ?

Samples: SMD solder by SMT machine, DIP by hand; small batch & Bulk quantity: SMT & Wave soldering Machine

5. How to test the PCBA boards ?

AOI, X-ray, Function testing

6. How to charge for pcb Assembling ?

Calculate cost by SMD & DIP pad count

7. How much is the Stencil ?

It is free for small batch or bulk quantity , and just charge one times for sample order.

8. Where do you purchase components ?

Mouser, Digi-Key , element14, RS etc. To ensure the quality of incoming materials

9. Do you supply Function Testing?

Yes, we can supply Programming & testing boards functions, To guarantee 100% working. beside

10. Can you supply Enclosed case assembling?

Yes, we have finished product assembly line

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