Capabilities Details

Layers: 1 – 20 layers
Material: FR4 / Aluminum based
Board Thickness: 0.4/0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2/1.6/2.0/2.5/3.0mm/6.0mm
Copper Thickness: Outer 1-6oz, Inner 0.5-2oz
Drill size : 0.05mm (2mil)
Minimum line width & space: Inner: 2.0mil/2.0mil; outer: 2.2/2.2mil
Maximum Board dimension: 1000x600mm
Impedance tolerance: ±5%
HDI: Outer line/space width: 2.0mil/2.0mil. Blind hole thickness to diameter ratio: 1:1
Finished surface: HASL, LEAD FREE, OSP, ENIG, GOLD FINGER, Immersion gold

We are a one-stop printed circuit board manufacturer and quick turn PCB assembly solution.  Offering some of the most advanced PCB technology and convenient manufacturing and assembly services found in the industry: Full Spec PCBs, Small Quantity – Quick Turn PCBs, Custom Spec – Quick Turn PCBs, Highly Specialized Precision PCBs,  & Large Scale Production (No order is too small or too large).


Strongtimes has always been committed to building a high-reliability multilayer board manufacturer, using high-precision equipment such as Taiwan Dongtai drilling machine, Japanese famous machine (MEIKI) vacuum hot press, Taiwan Mingming plating line, cosmic horizon, high-end LDI laser exposure machine , Digital inkjet character printer, German imported flying probe tester and other advanced equipment;

carefully selected high-quality raw materials such as Shengyi/Kingboard A-level copper clad laminate, solar ink, etc.


Strictly select high-quality raw materials such as Shengyi/Kingboard A-level copper clad laminate, solar ink, etc.; it has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949 (automotive certification), UL multilayer board, CQC, REACH, GB-T29490, and a full range of quality management systems and environmental management System and intellectual property management system certification; and through the self-developed MES system, strict process control, data control and visualization control are used to achieve high-reliability product delivery.

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  • The sample delivery rate reached 99.59%
  • Provide urgent service, choose according to needs
  • Delay in delivery, promise 100% compensation as agreed

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Up to 20 floors, level 3 HDI
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