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Three-phase motor pre-drive IC-CM6334

Three-phase motor pre-drive IC-CM6334

On December 14, 2020, Xinwang Microelectronics officially launched the new member driver IC series CM6334 of the KungFu family. From the independent IPKungFu8 core to the KungFu32 core, from the fully independent core-based 8-bit MCU to the 32-bit MCU, from the DSP to the driver IC, Xinwang Microelectronics, with more than ten years of service experience in the automotive, industrial, and AIoT fields, adheres to the development concept of continuous innovation , Successively launching market-competitive products and services. The mass production of KungFuCM6334 signifies that Xinwang Microelectronics has officially advanced from an MCU chip supplier to a diversified IC component supplier. The product line has developed rapidly in both directions, accelerating the overall KungFu ecological layout.

CM6334 is a three-phase independent half-bridge pre-driver IC that drives high-voltage high-speed MOSFETs and IGBTs. The logic input is compatible with CMOS and TTL levels and supports the lowest voltage to 2.5V. The chip has an undervoltage reset function, the gate drive voltage can reach 12V, and the High-SideGate drive floating voltage can reach 36V. At the same time, CM6334 built-in 3.3VLDO, CM6354 built-in 5VLDO; LDO load capacity can be as high as 80mA.

Product Features

●Gate drive voltage range 7V to 12V

●Internal integrated LDO (3.3V/5V)

●Internal undervoltage protection

●Overlap conduction protection

●Package: QFN24 (4mm*4mm)

Application field



●Game console

●Office Automation Machine


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