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Application of artificial intelligence + sensor technology in COVID-19 prevention and control

Application of artificial intelligence + sensor technology in COVID-19 prevention and control

At the entrances and exits of crowded public transportation stations, the robots that have activated the epidemic prevention and control mode will measure the temperature of ten pedestrians passing by the probe at the same time within a distance of five meters, assisting front-line personnel to complete the investigation, prevention and control tasks, and minimize work Risk of infection of personnel. This is a smart device 5G temperature measurement patrol robot developed by Guangzhou Gosuncn Robotics Co., Ltd. In February of this year, it became the country’s first temperature-measuring patrol robot to take to the “anti-epidemic” scene.

“The robot uses sensors to achieve infrared temperature measurement and screening of the human body, intelligent recognition of wearing masks, as well as high-pitched circular broadcast propaganda, remote command and dispatch, and historical information backtracking functions to achieve the purpose of rapid deployment and remote supervision and transparency.” Senior Product Manager of Gosuncn Ban Wei introduced to reporters from all media that the 5G temperature measurement patrol robot can also be deeply adapted with the help of 4G and 5G, and can quickly switch work scenarios without building a network.

It is understood that for such an epidemic prevention temperature measurement robot, the relatively prominent technical difficulty during the development is how to use infrared thermal imaging sensors that monitor high-temperature flames or smoke to accurately measure the body temperature of passing pedestrians, and thereby further form a screening and traceability. closed loop. “In practical applications, when the robot uses infrared thermal imaging to calibrate people, it will use dynamic technology to ensure continuous tracking of human faces. Based on the fusion of thermal imaging and visible light, the background system will intercept separate pictures of sensitive people. When it comes out to remind the monitor, the identity information of the person with abnormal body temperature can also be presented in the form of alarm in the robot management platform, and the remote monitoring staff can receive the alarm information in real time to realize the closed loop of the whole process.”

“With the help of artificial intelligence algorithms and sensors, human infrared temperature measurement equipment combined with face recognition technology has higher accuracy than manual handheld temperature measurement equipment.” In April this year, with its self-developed AI face recognition temperature measurement All-in-one machine, Guangzhou Tupu Network Technology Co., Ltd. became the approved supplier of large-scale body temperature detection equipment by the Shenzhen Municipal Government. Liu Yan, the company’s chief strategy officer, introduced to reporters from all media that when using hand-held devices such as forehead thermometers to measure, it is necessary to aim at the wrist or forehead to measure temperature at close range. It is a basic pure single-point temperature measurement at work. “Our equipment uses infrared multi-point array chips, and through multi-dimensional artificial intelligence algorithms and models, combined with the temperature of various parts of the face and the ambient temperature, the body temperature value is accurately corrected, and the body temperature data obtained is more reliable.”

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