MIC5219-3.3YM5-TR LDO IC voltage regulator


Manufacturer: Microchip
Product Category: Power Management, Voltage Regulators, LDO Regulators

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The MIC5219 is an efficient linear voltage regulator with high peak output current capability, very-low-dropout voltage, and better than 1% output voltage accuracy. Dropout is typically 10mV at light loads and less than 500mV at full load. The MIC5219 is designed to provide a peak output current for start-up conditions where higher inrush current is demanded. It features a 500mA peak output rating. Continuous output current is limited only by package and layout. The MIC5219 can be enabled or shut down by a CMOS or TTL compatible signal. When disabled, power consumption drops nearly to zero. Dropout ground current is minimized to help prolong battery life. Other key features include reversedbattery protection, current limiting, overtemperature shutdown, and low noise performance with an ultra-low-noise option. The MIC5219 is available in adjustable or fixed output voltages in the space-saving 6-pin (2mm × 2mm) MLF®, 6-pin (2mm × 2mm) Thin MLF® SOT‑23‑5 and MM8® 8‑pin power MSOP packages.

Key Features

500mA output current capability SOT-23-5 package 500mA peak 2mm×2mm MLF® package 500mA continuous 2mm×2mm Thin MLF® package 500mA continuous MSOP-8 package 500mA continuous Low 500mV maximum dropout voltage at full load Extremely tight load and line regulation Tiny SOT-23-5 and MM8™ power MSOP-8 package Ultra-low-noise output Low temperature coefficient Current and thermal limiting Reversed-battery protection CMOS/TTL-compatible enable/shutdown control Near-zero shutdown current

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